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11.08.2017 - 13.08.2017

Flow Festival joins forces with Forum Box Gallery to present large-scale and impressive video installations at Suvilahti. As the August nights grow darker, the video and animation works by Pasi Rauhala, Timo Wright and Juhana Moisander are projected, larger than life, on the interiors and exteriors of the festival grounds' rugged industrial buildings. The impressive implementation of the video installations is realised in cooperation with Bright Finland and Barco video projectors, which they represent. The works in question have been commissioned for Flow Festival and they get the most out of the area's unique structures and history. This year Flow will present a smaller number of works, but the chosen pieces are larger and more impressive than ever before. All three artists are Forum Box member artists.

Pasi Rauhala is a media artist who deals with questions related to identity, being human and one's own place in the world. Rauhala's works are spatial and are born from the presence of the viewer, via the use of sensors and other technology. Lately he has used 3D, video, photography, installation and performance as materials for his works. At Flow Pasi Rauhala will be showing a new video piece called Wires, which will be projected onto the walls of the inner foyer of Suvilahti's Voimala building. The other piece the artist has at Flow is a unique animation projection named Wormhole, which will be projected on the exterior wall of the powerplant.

Timo Wright is a media artist who lives and works in Helsinki. He graduated from the Aalto School of Arts with a Masters in Fine Arts in 2012. Wright has participated in numerous exhibitions in Finland and internationally and his movies have been shown at over 30 festivals all over the world. Flow Festival will feature an experimental documentary film by Wright. The film, shot in Tokyo, looks at the city's different webs and layers.

Juhana Moisander's works are primarily installations that combine projected moving images, sound and objects. The pieces are built on the tension between characters and elements, and their placement in a given space. Juhana Moisander has a Masters in Fine Arts from Aalto University and his pieces have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. At Flow Moisander's video projection History brings the ghosts of the past to look upon today's festival goers.

Flow artistic partner Forum Box is a non-profit artist-run co-operative society, which was initiated in 1996 by sculptor Kain Tapper (1930-2004). Its main purpose is to maintain an art space in Helsinki in order to enrich and support the Finnish cultural life. Currently Forum Box co-op has over 80 artist members, all of which are prominent Finnish artists and actors in the field of contemporary art. Forum Box presents topical artists from Finland and abroad, both established and just starting out.

Flow Festival will take place in Suvilahti, Helsinki 11-13 August 2017.
More information about the festival can be found here.

More information about the forum Box artists and teh art works at the Flow Festival:
Forum Box, Managing producer Emmi Kattelus (emmi.kattelus@gmail.com)


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