8.8.- 31.8.2014

Ilona Valkonen

Maalauksia ja sidontaa



Forum Box is on a summer break from 21 July to 7 August.



8.8. - 31.8.2014

Timo Wright - A Feast With King Midas





Forum Box turns 15 this year
and we are celebrating with
three exhibitions!



FORUM BOX is a non-profit artist-run co-operative society, which was initiated in 1996 by sculptor Kain Tapper (1930-2004). Its main purpose is to maintain an art space in Helsinki in order to enrich and support the Finnish cultural life. Currently Forum Box co-op has 80 artist members, all of which are prominent Finnish artists and actors in the field of contemporary art.

Forum Box aims to be a space open for all forms of art. We present contemporary artists, both Finnish and international, established and emerging. We organise each month an art exhibition plus several live arts events - meetings with the artists exhibiting, performance art, concerts, theatre and dance performances.

Forum Box is supported by:

Finnish Cultural Foundation, Swedish Cultural Foundation, Helsinki City Centre for Culture, Centre for Artpromotion, Konstsamfundet, FRAME