Open Call 2020 has now closed. Thank you for your applications! The applicants are notified about the decision of the committee by e-mail.


The deadline for applying is 15.4.2018. We are deciding on exhibitions and projects for the year 2020.

Print out an application form here!



Send your application to:

PL 316
00181 Helsinki

Mark the envelope "OPEN CALL 2020"

Post office stamp 15.4.2018 for domestic applications is accepted. If you drop off the application at the gallery, it should be at the gallery latest on 15th of April by 16.00. The gallery's opening hour are Tue-Fri 12pm-5pm and Sat-Sun 12pm-4pm. We do not consider late applications.
We do not accept applications by e-mail.


- Exhibition plan (max 2 x A4) including information of the applied exhibition time, use of the space, ideas or possible theme(s) of the exhibition or project. Please mention in the application if the space will be darkened or if there will be works with sound on display.
- CV of the artist / artist group / curator
- Portfolio including approx. 10 images of the recent artwork(s) or projects in colour prints

You can add images/video in your application using CDs, flash drives etc. Make sure that the files are in commonly used file forms, such as .jpg/jpeg/png. Please also note you need to still provide colour prints of the images in case of a technical failure/problem.



- 4 weeks exhibition time (max. 10/year)
- 1-2 weeks exhibition or project time (max. 4/year)
- Other types of time requirements are also considered (considered on a case-by-case basis)

The standard exhibition time, including mounting and dismantling, is four weeks. For the year 2020, it is also possible to apply for exhibitions, project-specific exhibitions and performances lasting one or two weeks for. These times are also total times and include mounting and dismantling.

Forum Box exhibition fee include, pr, marketing, exhibition supervision and sales. The fee does not include, for example. insurance, transport and opening serving. The Forum Box withholds a provision of 30% of art sales (+ VAT 24%).
1. the entire gallery space (300 sq meters) for a solo or group exhibition, or,
2. a part of the gallery space (one of the three rooms) for a solo exhibition.


Would you like the entire gallery space for you exhibition of project? Or would you like to show in one of the three gallery spaces?

Space options:
- the entire gallery space (300m2) for a private or group exhibition or project or show
- one space (‘Permanto', ‘Monttu' or ‘Parvi') for a private or group exhibition or project or show

The gallery space is divided into three different exhibition rooms. The space called ‘Permanto' is on the right side when entering the gallery. This room has three solid walls. The room is approx. 65 sq metres and 6 metres high. ‘Monttu' is on the left side and the area of this room is 70 sq metres. ‘Monttu' is also 6 metres high. In this space there are stairs which lead to the third room, ‘Parvi'. In the space ‘Parvi' the ceiling is lower and room height is approx. 4,5 metres. ‘Parvi' is the largest: 90 sq metres. In addition, there is a lot of wall space.

When applying for one room please use the correct name - Permanto, Monttu or Parvi. If the board decides to rent the gallery space to three individual artists, these artists cannot affect which exhibitions are in the different rooms at the same time.

(check the floor plan for more information).



The times are total times and include mounting and dismantling.

PRICES (incl VAT 24%):

1 month: 4.500 € entire gallery space (300m2)
1 month: 1.650 € monttu, parvi or permanto space

2 weeks: 2.800 € entire gallery space (300m2)
2 weeks: 1.300 € monttu, parvi or permanto space

1 week: 1.550 € entire gallery space (300m2)
1 week: 700 € monttu, parvi or permanto space

Other space and time preferences are welcomed and considered on a case-by-case basis. However, the basis for pricing is an hourly rate for multidisciplinary groups.

Note! The one-month exhibition time still entitles to the gallery space altogether, and no other exhibitions will be held at the space at that time. Forum Box's program team is responsible for arranging other exhibitions and projects to form appropriate entities.


The exhibition committee for 2020 is Markus Kåhre, Pasi Rauhala, Juha-Heikki Tihinen, ja Ilona Valkonen.

The applicants are notified about the decision of the committee by e-mail.
Applications can be retrieved after the committee has made its decision and should be fetched from the gallery by 24th of August, 2018. Forum Box does not return the applications by mail without an attached envelope with sufficient stamps. We do not store applications or portfolios after October.

For more info please contact:

Nina Toppila, Forum Box Executive Director
nina.toppila(a), 050 5487604

More info about the spaces: