How to apply

The deadline for applications for the year 2019 is now closed. The next deadline for an exhibition time will be 15.2.2018 for the 2020 exhibition times.

Print out an application form here!

In the next round of applying, we are giving exhibition times for the year 2020.

Artists can apply for an exhibition time once a year with an open application. The deadline is on February 15th every year. The board will inform the applicants about the result by the end of March. Forum Box does not return the applications by mail without an attached envelope with sufficient stamps. Applications can be retrieved within a month after the board has made its decision. We do not keep the applications longer than one month (til the end of April).

The gallery space is divided into three different exhibition rooms: Permanto, Monttu and Parvi (click floor plan for more information). Individual artists or artist groups can apply for the exhibition time in two ways:
1. the entire gallery space (300 sq meters) for a solo or group exhibition, or,
2. a part of the gallery space (one of the three rooms) for a solo exhibition.

When applying for one room please use the correct name - Permanto, Monttu or Parvi. If the board decides to rent the gallery space to three individual artists, these artists cannot affect which exhibitions are in the different rooms at the same time. The rent for the entire gallery space is 4.500 € (incl. VAT 24%) and for one exhibition room 1.650 € (incl. VAT 24%) (these are prices for non-members of the co-operative society, prices applicable for exhibition times allocated after 1.1.2016)

About the Space
The space called Permanto is on the right side when entering the gallery. This room has three solid walls. The room is approx. 65 sq metres and 6 metres high. Monttu is on the left side and the area of this room is 70 sq metres. Monttu is also 6 metres high. In this space there are stairs which lead to the third room, Parvi. In the space Parvi the ceiling is lower and room height is approx. 4,5 metres. This room is the largest: 90 sq metres. In addition, there is a lot of wall space.

Duration of the Exhibition
The duration of the exhibition is four weeks including the setting up and dismantling of the exhibition. The rent includes press releases, promotion and sales. The rent does not include insurance or transportation costs of the artworks nor the costs of the opening party. For any art sales Forum Box takes 30% commission (+ VAT 24%).

Necessary Documents

- Exhibition plan (max 2 x A4) including information of the applied exhibition time, use of the space, possible theme(s) of the exhibition and information of the displayed artworks. Please mention in the application if the space will be darkened or if there will be artworks with sound on display.
- Curriculum vitae of the artist(s)
- Portfolio including approx. 10 images of the recent artwork(s) in colour prints
-You can add images/video onto your application using CDs, flash drives etc. Make sure the files are in the most common file forms, such as .jpg/jpeg/png. Please note that you do have to always provide colour prints of the images in case of a technical failure/problem.

No email applications!

Please NOTE:
Post office stamp 15.2. for domestic applications is accepted. If you leave the application in person directly to the gallery, it should be at Forum Box on the 15th of February by 17.00.


The exhibition committee for the 2019 exhibition times: Seppo Salminen, Juha-Heikki Tihinen, Raakel Kuukka, Stiina Saaristo and Tommi Toija.