In addition to the exhibitions at its gallery, Forum Box does international networking, co-operation projects, exhibition exchange and artist exchange.  The goal is to find new ways and paths for internationalization - both for Gallery Forum Box and its member artists and to find new partners for international co-operation projects and to build long-term co-operation and networking. In addition, we aim to learn from others and continuously develop our own activities.


At the moment we are running four ventures:


Finland-Iceland co-operation: In the summer of 2016 Forum Box organized a large exhibition of Icelandic artists together with Pro Artibus and Amos Andersson museum. Forum Box presented installations and performances by artist Kolbeinn Hugi. At the moment we are preparing the second phase of the co-operation project: an exhibition of Finnish artists in Iceland together with Pro Artibus.


Finland-The Czech Republic co-operation: In the winter of 2015-2016 Forum Box organized an exhibition ”From The Box -  9 Forum Box’s member artists” in Prague at the Gallery of Czech Centre Prague. The co-operation will continue in the summer of 2017 with an exhibition of Czech contemporary artists in Forum Box.

Hybrid Matters: Forum Box is a partner in the Nordic art and science network programme. One of the three exhibitions of the project will be held in Gallery Forum Box in November-December 2016. The project involves artists and partner organizations from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The coordinating partner of the network is the Finnish Bioart Society.

Port Journeys: Forum Box is one of the partners in this international network of artists and art organizations in port cities all over the world. As a part of this we are currently preparing new cooperation projects that widen and deepen our international activities and contacts.

More information: Executive Director Alina Mänttäri-Buttler (, + 358 50 5487 604)