02.12.2011 - 30.12.2011




To think the creation of (photographic) Image in its contemporary context. To issue propositions taking the the continuous production, diffusion and consumption of images today into consideration. To question the role and possibilities of the artist adding to or distinguishing its making from this flow.
o cut paper and to deduct fragments from reality. The pieces composing Rock-Paper-Scissors result from long-process works; in a deliberately ludic tone, they feature cut-outs, assembling games and plays on mounting. The whole is run by ecological thinking of Image and means saving, makes an exclusive use of pre-existing visuals gleaned from media, recycles used materials.
To depict
a mineral landscape and prehistorical animals, to represent a primitive environment out of waste papers. Where it is question of organic patterns accumulations and readings of time, of animal gigantism along with photographic blow-up and reproducibility.

Rock-Paper-Scissors is an exhibition designed around various interwoven themes gathering three distinct while interdependent installations for wall, floor and ceiling. It is inserted in the field of continuous researches on photography and its specificities, of experimentations on its possible display alternatives. From a formation at I´Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Photographie in France, I live and work in Helsinki since 2005, regularly present group and solo exhibitions, participate to various cultural events in Finland and abroad.

The exhibition is held with the help of the National Council for Photographic Art, of the French Institute and Embassy, as of a good lot of dear friends.