09.08.2013 - 01.09.2013

Mika Taanila | FINLAND | 12:45 MIN | 2013

Monitor, two small active loudspeakers by the monitor
Monitor size: 18-20 inches, 4:3 (not widescreen)
Image aspect ratio: 4:3
Stereo, colour, loop
Edition: 30

My Silence is a structuralist, "reductionist" video and sound piece.
It's an experiment into what happens when you take out the most important element from a specific film? Imagine Nanook of The North without the snow and the ice, Taxi Driver without Travis Bickle, or Koyaanisqatsi without time-lapse cinematography.
Louis Malle's feature film My Dinner With André (1981, 106 mins), is a canonised part of cinema history by now, a film known most of all for its brilliant, multi-layered dialogue/monologue.
All bits of the film that have spoken word on the soundtrack are now deleted with a systematic method. What remains are gestures, camera movements, facial expressions,
light, décor, ambience... that's pure cinema in a way (as opposed to more "theatrical", spoken cinema). Malle's mise-en-scène takes place in an upper class bourgeois restaurant. When we rip off the spoken word, there are the bare elements of communication and human interaction: the dress codes, the body language, the embarrased gaps in-between, the chemistry, the silence...
The viewer is able to make up his/her own narrative storyline and fill in the gaps, whether he/she has seen the original film or not. To me this piece feels like a musique concrète piece dealing with memory-at-work. As opposed to the notion of "expanded cinema", this is "reduced cinema".

Mika Taanila, Helsinki, May 2013

yhteistyössä/in cooperation with: AV-arkki