29.11.2013 - 22.12.2013

A Picture of an Aftertaste

Duration: 7min
Language: English, no subtitles


This is and is not a documentation of Variations & Theme for Piano - a play for pianist, a work made by experimental composer Shinji Kanki for the Antagon art festival.

But as the title suggests, this is a picture. It is a composition of what I have digested, a reading made from leftovers, a response to questions that have been prompted to me by the opportunity to make this work.

For me, this was a chance to render an event and to play with its preconceptions; not caring about facts and fiction nor being indifferent to them. This was a chance to generate an independent artwork by digesting another one.

Sakari Tervo

A Picture of an Aftertaste and Variations & Theme for Piano - a play for pianist were commissioned by Antagon art festival that took place in Turku, summer 2013. Curated by Kimmo Modig.



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