06.04.2018 - 06.04.2018


Perjantaina 6.4. saamme nauttia jälleen huikeasta improvisaatiokokemuksesta kun Sergio Castrillón vieraineen valloittaa Forum Boxin. Taustana ja inspiraationa musiikille toimivat huhtikuun näyttelymme: Viljami Heinosen Beneath the Remains ja japanilaisen Rintaro Haran installaatio Parvi-tilassa.

Show time klo 19.00, kesto n. 1h.

Liput 10 € / 5 € (opiskelijat, eläkeläiset, työttömät). Vain käteismaksu kiitos!



On Friday 6.4. you have a chance to enjoy some wonderful improv music as Sergio Castrillón brings his guests to Forum Box. Our April shows offer the background and inspiration for the music: paintings by Viljami Heinonen (Beneath the Remains exhibition) and an installation in the Parvi space by the Japanese Rintaro Hara.

Show time at 19.00, duration approx. 1hr.

Tickets 10 € / 5 € (students, pensioners, unemployed persons). Cash only please!


Welcome to the second performance of the series 2018. This time the program includes a marvelous and a diverse line up. The opening act will be in charge of Korvat Auki ensemble, followed by a duo that features Saku Mattila on
oboe and Sergio Castrillón on cello. The last set of the show will display a quartet from Laponia Improvisations formed by Natalia Castrillón on harp, Grisell Macdonell on double bass, Kaisa Mäenpää on bass clarinet and Elisa
Wistuba on cello. (See bios below)

The series started in 2014 in Forumbox intending to establish a networkbet ween local and visiting artists working mainly with experimentation andimprovisation. Sergio Castrillón has been in charge of the curatorial work.


Esiintyjistä // About the performers:

Saku Mattila työskentelee kapellimestarina, oboistina sekä kulttuurituottajana. Tämän hetken tärkeimmät projektit hänelle ovat elektroakustinen improvisaatioyhtye Tölöläb, Euroopan ensimmäinen pelimusiikkiorkesteri Game Music Collective sekä mykkäelokuvaa sekä improvisaatiota yhdistävä festivaali, Kaipuu, Helsingissä. Mattila on opiskellut oboensoittoa Sibelius-Akatemiassa, Baskimaan musiikkiyliopistossa Espanjassa sekä Kölnin musiikkikorkeakoulussa
Saksassa. Kapellimestariksi hän on opiskellut Sibelius-Akatemiassa vuodesta 2016 lähtien puhallinorkesterinjohdon luokalla.


Korvat Auki Ensemble is a group performing improvised and experimentalmusic. The ensemble was found in Spring 2013 by members of Korvat auki ("Ears Open"), a Society of young Finland-based composers, striving to find a path towards an all-encompassing way of enacting one's musicianship and exploration of limits beyond conventionality. The wind and string players, keyboardists, guitarists, object artists and vocalists perform with a line-up varying from duos to the whole collective of a dozen musicians. Beyond the ensemble, some members profile themselves primarily as composers, others as performing musicians. However, this traditional division of roles has no significance in the Korvat auki ensemble's artistic practice. Artistic decision-making is collective and non-hierarchic.


Laponia Improvisations is a Helsinki based alternative music school that provides improvising and composing classes; the goal being in making own music. The permanent teachers are Ville Vokkolainen (contemporary
composer/guitarist), Sergio Castrillon (contemporary cellist/composer) and Pauli Lyytinen (saxophonist/composer). Under each term there are also internationally acclaimed visitors. Past visitors have included Raoul Björkenheim, Mika Pohjola, Arttu Kurttila, Seppo Kantonen, Taavi Kerikmäe, Anto Pett, Agustí Fernández, Andrew Bentley, James Andean, Alejandro Olarte, Tatu Rönkkö and Riko Saatsi, among others.


Sergio Castrillón

Composer/improviser/performer artist interested in sound and any creative manifestation. As composer his work incorporates several formats including instrumental acoustic, electroacoustic, acousmatic and multimedia. His pieces have been performed and premiered in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Peru, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Uruguay. As performer he experiences a constant activity within new music, free improvisation, improvised works with new technologies and collaborations with theater performers, poetry and contemporary dance. Currently he lives in Helsinki where develops an active career as performer, composer, improviser, curator and educator. Since 2013 Castrillón has been working on his doctoral research at the University of Helsinki called *NEW DIRECTIONS IN THE CELLO TIMBRE: Pieces for solo cello and cello with electronic media from the 20th and 21st century.*