Boxissa tapahtuu ystävänpäivänä! Greta Jane, performanssitaiteilija Yhdysvalloista, saapuu Pohjois-Euroopan kiertueellaan Boxiin! Yhteistyössä sellisti Sergio Castrillón ja UIUI-nukketeatteriryhmän kanssa he luovat Boxiin ainutlaatuisen ja elämyksellisen illan, lämpimästi tervetuloa!

Please join us for a very special evening at Forumbox. A time and place filled with treats for all your senses.

*Recipe for a Divine Valentine's Rendezvous~

First Course~  Ruby Bloom's experimental cabaret offers you an invitation you cannot refuse and opens your heart to the magic of this moment.
Second Course~  Sergio Castrillón's solo improv project will melt you into puddles of love www.sergiocastrillon.com/improviser
Dessert~ UIUI performs their mini-performance "Exhibitionist" in Forum Box on Valentine's day. It is 15 seconds of love performed for two spectators at a time.


Esitykset alkavat klo 17.30, ovet klo 17. Liput 10 / 5 € , vain käteismaksu kiitos.

Showtime at 5.30pm, doors at 5pm. Tickets 10 / 5 €, cash only please.


* Greta Jane as Ruby Bloom *

Word magician, storytelling muse and chanteuse, Ruby Bloom invites you to
open to the magic in this moment. A circle of songs surrounds you, as a
door between worlds appears before you. Her velvety voice assures you, that
you are right on time for this divine appointment. Notice as your grip on
reality shifts and you find yourself slipping into floating, open to

Ruby Bloom has many names and wears many hats. An accomplished jazz singer,
composer, psychedelic poet, activist, radical fairy, dj and underground
diva, Bloom is dedicated to enjoying life. This dedication is contagious.
Based between Seattle and NYC, she is flitting around experimental
cabarets, underground discos and sacred spaces in Europe this winter
looking for a new place to call home.



*Sergio Castrillón *


*(Cello performer/Composer/Improviser/Researcher)*Colombian artist interested in sound and any artistic manifestation. As performer he enjoys a constant activity as Cellist of Contemporary Music, (especially Latin American) improvisation works with new technologies and collaboration works with theatre performers, poetry and contemporary dance. As composer his work incorporates several instrumental formats, including Guitar and solo Cello, Cello and Piano, Trio for Harp and two Cellos, String Quartet, Colombian typical Quartet, Duet for Xylophone and Flute, Brass Quintet, String Orchestra, Percussion ensemble, Quintet and Nonet Vocal Feminine Acapella, Symphonic Band, and several works for Trio of two Cellos and Counterbass.

Over the last 5 years his work has been focused in electroacoustic/instrumental and acousmatic music premiered and performed in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Sweden and Uruguay to name but a few. He has also produced music for audio-visual projects, documentaries, short films, long films, commercial videos, One-Minute Films among others.

Currently he is developing his Doctoral research at the University of Helsinki (Finland), participates as board member of KORVAT AUKI, (Composers society), and performs as cellist in different projects such as SERGIO CASTRILLÓN SOLO IMPRO PROJECT, KORVAT AUKI ENSEMBLE, LAPONIA IMPROVISATION EXPERIMENT and KAIKU DUO among others. Since 2013 he has incorporated as composition and improvisation teacher at LAPONIA IMPROVISATIONS. During the last few years he is developing a subject called: Laboratory of performance exploration and music creation in real time. This subject has been attended by students from different institutions and scopes in South America, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.*Sergio Andrés Castrillón A.*

*Master in Music creation*
*new technologies and traditional arts.*
*UNTREF(Bs As/Arg)*
*PHD Candidate*
*University of Helsinki*




UIUI is a working group formed in 2014 by four puppet theatre professionals, who make puppetry art and visual theatre in gallery spaces. UIUI performs their mini-performance "Exhibitionist" in Forum Box on Valentine's day. It is 15 seconds of love performed for two spectators at a time.

Performers: Johanna Kultala, Elina Putkinen and Riina Tikkanen.


UIUI on neljän nukketeatteriammattilaisen vuonna 2014 perustama työryhmä, joka tuo nukketeatteria ja visuaalista teatteria galleriatiloihin. UIUI esittää ystävänpäivän kunniaksi mini-esityksensä "Exhibitionist" Forum
Boxissa. Se on 15 sekunnin rakkauspätkä, jota esitetään kahdelle katsojalle kerrallaan.
Esiintyjät: Johanna Kultala, Elina Putkinen ja Riina Tikkanen.