Fragments and Presence

Dance and Music improvisation with Mirva Mäkinen (Finland), Ralf Jaroschinski (Brazil/Germany), and Antonio Alemanno (Italy)

30.5. at 19 o´clock
Tickets from the door only: 8/10 euros

Despite being a postmodern approach to movement itself, contact improvisation counterbalances the fragmentation that is rather typical for postmodernism, because it doesn't deconstruct the performers' actions and interactions. It much rather connects, interconnects and contextualizes them very directly, on a physical level: Touch and contact being the primary parameters here, while aesthetics and styles are of secondary relevance.

In this piece, music and sound are an additional partner to improvise and interact with in very much the same way: The performers' authentic and immediate communication on the kinetic and acoustic levels has them experience and co-create an event which does not have a predetermined course of action or outcome on neither plain. The dance, movements, music and sounds will be original and expressive at all times in "Fragments and Presence", it's all about the performers' unpretentious presence and their multidimensional game, it's about their courage and openness to be with the unknown as it is in progress of manifesting itself.

The audience will be able to witness this process fully, since the performers' interactions have to be legible and spatially transparent during the entire piece in order for them to be able to engage with each other in detail. Therefore, the present moment becomes palpable in all of its unpredictability, futility and complexity - not only for the performers, but also for the spectators. „Fragments and Presence" will inevitably remind us that life and it's most valuable presents like the unrepeatable moment, sensuousness, attraction, friendship and love can't be held on to, yet they can be experienced fully, and thus they can provide deeply felt satisfaction and contentment.