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Kaiku Duo

Sergio Castrillón _ Cello
Marc Vilanova _ Saxophones

Kaiku Duo is a traveling ensemble based in Europe and focused on Free improvisation. The powerful connection on the stage between Sergio Castrillón and Marc Vilanova generates a fresh and hypnotic experience.

The main emphasis of Kaiku Duo is to communicate with the audience not only through sound but physical expression. The body language developed between Sergio and Marc creates a unique and intense performance.The duo is also interested in bringing free improvised performances within unconventional venues, sharing its work to diverse listeners.



Marc Vilanova // saxophone

Active as a performer in many art forms, including electroacoustic music, free improvisation, contemporary repertoire and collaborations with dancers, saxophonist Marc Vilanova's work is focused on the exploration of the instrument, as well as ongoing research into new sounds, techniques and expressions connected with technology and other arts.

His approach coherently encapsulates both performative feature and sound installation. His works have been presented in many festivals around the world including countries like Japan, USA, Canada, Brazil, Taiwan, Russia and many more within Europe creating a deep involvement with the viewers, who are urged to evolve from a condition of mere spectatorship.

He is also running several workshops of extended techniques and live electronics that had been performed at the Tokyo National University, MIT Saxophone Ensemble in Taipei, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Saxophone Academy in São Paulo and other universities within Europe like Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Royal Academy of Music Aarhus or Hochschule für Musik Basel. Those experiences meant the first step for some musicians that keep exploring successfully their instrument up until now.


Sergio Castrillón

Composer/improviser/performer artist interested in sound and any creative manifestation. As composer his work incorporates several formats including instrumental acoustic, electroacoustic, acousmatic and multimedia. His pieces have been performed and premiered in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Peru, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Uruguay. As performer he experiences a constant activity within new music, free improvisation, improvised works with new technologies and collaborations with theater performers, poetry and contemporary dance. Currently he lives in Helsinki where develops an
active career as performer, composer, improviser, curator and educator. Since 2013 Castrillón has been working on his doctoral research at the University of Helsinki called *NEW DIRECTIONS IN THE CELLO TIMBRE: Pieces for solo cello and cello with electronic media from the 20th and 21st century.*