19.11.2015 - 16.01.2016

Marras-tammikuussa Czech Centren Prahassa valtaa 9 boxilaista ja esillä on upea, osin kulttuurikeskuksen tiloista ja historiasta inspiroitunut ja niitä analysoiva kokonaisuus. Näyttelyn avajaisia vietetään torstaina 19.11. klo 18.00 paikallista aikaa. Näyttely on auki 19.11.2015 - 16.1.2016

Ryhmänäyttelyn taiteilijat: Kaisaleena Halinen, Emma Helle, Markus Kåhre, Juhana Moisander, Antti Oikarinen, Vesa-Pekka Rannikko, Tommi Toija, Samppa Törmälehto sekä Ilona Valkonen.


Näyttelyä on tukenut FRAME ja Taiteen edistämiskeskus. The exhibition is supported by FRAME Visual Art Finland and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.



Kaisaleena Halinen (born 1973)

Kaisaleena Halinen was born 1973 in Turku, and currently resides in Espoo. She graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts department of Time and Space arts in 2002. Halinen works with sculptures and space installations. The idea of the work usually dictates the material and techniques for her works. Due to this fact her range of materials is vast: from concrete to dust and things found from silicon. Her works usually revolve around the relationships of things: human's relationship to nature, the viewer's relationship to the space, a mold's relationship to the original and also a scale model's relationship to the existing space and the viewer.


Emma Helle (born 1979)

Emma Helle is the newly elected president of the Association of Finnish Sculptors. She molds human figures or half-humans out of clay and wood. Helle is a sculptor who uses materials in versatile and surprising ways. She sculpts and molds in classic ways but will eventually add elements to her works which seem out of place, thus breaking the modernist illusion.


Markus Kåhre (born 1969)

The works of Markus Kåhre are normally large, almost theatre-related constructed situations in which the spectator realizes, to his surprise, that he is standing on the stage.

His work "The Night watch" is a scene from a yet unfinished project to re-tell the story of Ulysses inspired both by Homer and Joyce. It is describing Ulysses' journey to Hades where he meets the great war-heroes who ruled and divided the world.


Juhana Moisander (born 1977)

Juhana Moisander has presented his video installations in various international solo shows and group shows. Lately his works have been seen at the Wäinö Aaltonen museum in Turku and the Finnish Museum of Photography. Moisander has a Masters in Fine Arts from the Aalto University (2007).

Moisander combines video projections with sounds and objects, always fitting the piece into the given space and its architecture. Although the works often refer to art history and studied knowledge, Moisander's works still link strongly with the mundane and everyday life. Moisander often performs as a character in his pieces.

Antti Oikarinen (born 1974)

Antti Oikarinen's artistic practice is fueled by curiosity. He is interested in nature's phenomena and the models of explaining them in particular. Through his works Oikarinen aims to evoke feelings of curiosity in the viewer, similar to those he himself feels around these topics. Oikarinen aims to work in the borders of reality and possibilities.

Oikarinen graduated with a Masters in Art from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. He has had solo shows in Gallery Heino and at Forum Box. The Finnish state art collection, The Sara Hilden museum, The Amos Anderson museum and the Helsinki City Art museum have acquired Oikarinen's works.


Vesa-Pekka Rannikko (born 1968)

Vesa-Pekka Rannikko is visual artist working with multiple media.
He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki (MFA 1996). He has participated in numerous group exhibitions and has had solo shows in various galleries and museums in the Nordic countries and USA. His works are included in major public collections in Finland. Rannikko has received several prizes including the Ducat Prize 2003 and Maire Gullichsen Prize 2007. He represented Finland in Venice¬ Biennale 2011.

Vesa-Pekka Rannikko's works are hard to define. It seems he is re-inventing art for himself each time next opportunity comes. His works could formally be defined as installations, movies, events, objects or pictures depending on the viewpoint of the viewer or the context the work is shown in. He has created several site-specific works where the usual boundaries between the viewer, the work of art and the space are blurred. Rannikko's works challenge the limits of viewing and experience: an image becomes a material object while the space of the work becomes an image. Despite of the media he uses works often stay in-between and create an open situation which offers multiple ways of reading, interpreting and experiencing the artwork.

Vesa-Pekka Rannikko lives and works in Helsinki.


Tommi Toija (born 1974)

Tommi Toija sculpts from everyday materials - clay, discarded plywood, found objects and materials from hardware stores - tableaus of the simplicities of the everyday. Widely known from various exhibitions spanning over a decade, is the character in his works: the little man, whose appeal lies in his sensitivity.

Toija is one of the most respected sculptors of his generation. After graduating with a Masters in Fine Art from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts he worked as an apprentice to the late sculptor Kain Tapper. Kiasma (the museum of contemporary art), Amos Anderson's art museum and the Helsinki city art museum have acquired Toija's art works for their collections. In 2010, Toija received a 5-year working grant for artists.


Samppa Törmälehto (born 1977)

Samppa Törmälehto is a Finnish painter whose works deal with the tired practicalities of our modern world and the art world in a straightforward manner. By drawing, colouring and sculpting in a seemingly random way, he creates a sudden and a sarcastic glance at the state of the "floating world". Most of Törmälehto's works take place between the figurative and the abstract, from where they refer to some odd narrative. The artist wants to leave this hidden though, leaving the context and meaning of his works open for interpretation.
Törmälehto graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts with a Masters in Painting in 2013. Törmälehto has had solo shows in Finland, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.


Ilona Valkonen (1980)

Fine artist Ilona Valkonen is known both for her conceptual installations and more traditional paintings. Her works often suggest delicate parallel ways of viewing reality. Lately she has chosen a more strict volume in her paintings.

Valkonen has studied at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Fine arts in Prague. In addition to her solo shows, she has taken part in numerous group shows in both Finland and abroad.

Valkonen has also worked on experimental performance art and taken part in several performance events.