28.10.2016 - 20.11.2016

The Public Space video work may be watched as an experimentation(1) on public art policy implementation in Helsinki city through an audiovisual structure. The visual content oscillates from architectural city shots to digitally manipulated images(2) originating from Helsinki city public art database. Texts relating to Helsinki city policy toward art and construction affairs(3) are running on top of the visual content, together with sentences approaching the concept of object from a dialectic materialism perspective(4). The audio part includes recordings from the video shots and live electronic music(5). This superposition of media sources produces an overload of information, both a desirable audiovisual accumulation and a critical stand similar to the situationist collage movie technique.

Public Space operates as the ever-going complicated dialogue between architecture/construction and the exact position of art within.

Notes and references:

1  The Public Space process by Gregoire Rousseau and Monika Czyzyk took one week of very intense, spontaneous work. The editing is done in real time while listening to an audio track. We recorded several sessions and selected the one we thought was a better fit.

2  The images from Helsinki city database are displayed using Gregoire Rousseau's real time video software EXCERPT.

3  Private real-estate companies must allocate 1% of their new construction budget into public art.

4  Dialectic materialism" by Henri Lefebvre.

5  Live performance for the public launch of Rabrab journal #01, Gregoire Rousseau/Emma Jääskeläinen/Joakim Pusenius at Vapaan taiteen tila.

- EXCERPT video software supported by AVEK and TAIKE.

- The video screened is the last video edit done. The video quality is 720p, H.264 codec at 10Mb/s. This quality is needed in order to run EXCERPT video software properly.
- As it is the last video edit, it unfortunately has not been named and lacks the people we want to thank: Emma Jääskeläinen for singing at the Rabrab launch, Samuli Tanner for audio post mastering and Jarkko Räsänen.


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