25.05.2017 - 18.06.2017

Welcome to the opening on Wednesday the 24th of May at 5-7pm!


FRENZI and FRIENDS in the Black Box

Frenzi and Friends in the Black Box is a group exhibition celebrating artistic friendship. The black room of the Forum Box - originally a room for video-screenings - will be turned into a "Wunderkammer". A gathering of small artworks like letters from all over the world, from time present and time past, each telling a different story. A continuing story, a Holy Circle that expands like silent ripples on a lake.


Franziska Opel (*1984, DE) studied at the HfbK Hamburg at Matt Mullican and Wigger Bierma. In 2014 she graduated with distinction. The engagement with manifestation of human facial expression and gestures, the application of typographical elements and concisely impressing images are the three constant qualities of her work. Her poetic texting, imaging and video editing often lead to elaborate installations. Her work has been exhibited i.a. in Köln, München, Berlin, Sofia, Graz, Milano and Prague.


The project has been supported by the friendly support of the Ministry of Culture Hamburg / Elbkulturfonds Hamburg.


The project is part of Artist in residence cooperation between Co-operative Society Forum Box and FRISE Künstlerhaus Hamburg. The cooperation has started within the Port Journeys network where both Forum Box and FRISE are partners. Port Journeys is a network for artists and visual art organisations in port cities all over the world.


The projects is also part of Hyper Cultural Passengers project. Hyper Cultural Passengers is a cooperation of artists, musicians, writers, curators, philosophers and any kind of cultural activists. It started in 2015 in Hamburg. Hyper Cultural Passengers is based at FRISE Hamburg, one of the longest existing artist houses in Germany.