Mia Hamari


"I use wood in my works, adding different materials out of nature, like ponytails, deerlegs, eyelashes or hair. Smaller figures are made of bronze, also combined to wood, bone, glass or metal.

The ideas for my figures come from my subconscious, past life and dreams.
Coincidences have a great role in the beginning too."

Mia Hamari (b. 1976, lives and works in Simo)


Mia Hamari's sculptures are part of the comeback of the tradition of Finnish wood sculpture, which during hundreds of years has been strong in this country of forests. At the end of the 1990s, several sculptors appeared, women as well as men, who have all since been developing the traditions of wood carving in their own way. Hamari is a storyteller, who with her works creates a fantasy world. It could be related to the inhabitants of Watership Down or those of Alice's Wonderland, or to the stories from Tolkien's Shire told by the adventurous hobbits.

Hamari carves wood in a careful way, adding materials such as bronze, bone, leather and bark, as well as colours to her works. The motives often consist of showing her childhood over again, and the bubbling, and at the same time melancholic, atmosphere of the circus world. The titles, e.g. Somnambulist, Fairytale and Traveller, direct the viewer's interpretation of the works. The sculptures create an ambiance of magic and wonder. The figures come to life before the eyes of the audience and in their imagination.

Mia Hamari graduated from Sculpture Department of The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2004. She has taken part in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions in Finland and internationally.


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