A venue for your art event or concert!


Forum Box can be hired for concerts, theatre shows and all types of art events and performances! 300 square metres and 6 metre tall spaces create an excellent and a unique environment for your event. We have a different art exhibition each month so you can spread your shows/performances over several art exhibitions and get a completely different setting for your event each time!


We provide 50 fold-up chairs, 10 tables and clothes rails with 90 clothes hangers.


Our hire price for art events which are open to the public: 35 euros per hour +VAT 24%. We take a small commission on ticket sales which is negotiable according to each contract.

All of our events are planned and arranged with the current art exhibition and the safety of the art works in mind.

We have hosted numerous art events in the past, you can browse them here.


Contact us for a quote on venue hires, tila (@) forumbox. fi or p.050 313 9075



"I was in ForumBox for the first time in 2011 and the place and staff really got me from the beginning.
I played a concert with the performer/dancer/musician Elina Lajunen who had performed at the gallery previously. The atmosphere, the space and the audience gave me a strong feeling.
Therefore when I moved to Finland the first place I had in my mind to go to visit, see the exhibitions and fix concerts was ForumBox.
In 2013 I organized one concert there and gave the contact to my colleges in order to spread the name of the gallery as an meeting point for contemporary musicians, composers, performers and improvisers.
Not only ForumBox offers a venue for modern art but it also contributes to the sharing of new musical expressions."

-Sergio Castrillon *****